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I am an early career scholar passionate about making history both meaningful and accessible to students and the public alike.  My research focuses on the impact of military inundations, the intentional flooding of land for strategic purposes, during the Dutch Wars of Independence (1572-1648).  I employ an interdisciplinary approach to this subject, examining the social, cultural, and political ramifications of this tactic from a variety of perspectives.  This field of study is rather understudied and fairly new.  Each day I look forward to the challenges of studying this important subject matter.

Outside of academia I am an avid soccer (football) fan.  My weekends are often filled with soccer and family.  I follow the English Premier League and all the major international competitions.  As far as playing the sport goes, I’ll play any position except for goalie! My other interests include anything related to Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Lord of the Rings.

Ongoing Research
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